Turn Pressure Washing Machines Into Ultimate Degreasers

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Pressure washers can perform a range of cleaning tasks. From relatively light jobs, like removing mud, to more difficult jobs, like removing tree sap, power washers can clean a variety of surfaces effectively. However, some tasks are tough for even the most powerful machines. For tasks like degreasing, industrial pressure washers need to be fitted with steam cleaning abilities in order to remove heavy grease. Unfortunately, many people come across degreasing jobs but do not have a steam pressure washing unit. While steam is the best bet for degreasing applications, the good news is that even standard cold water or hot water pressure washers can become powerful degreasing tools when used with the right cleaning solutions.

The Pressure Washing Edge

Industrial pressure washers on their own are powerful cleaning tools because of the way they operate. From small pressure washing units to commercial pressure washers, they all use pressurized water to forcibly remove deposits from surfaces. A number of factors determine the power of these units. First, one needs to consider the pressure levels. There are pressure cleaning machines available with relatively low pressure levels which are ideal for cleaning less durable surfaces. Tougher surfaces and challenging sedimentation usually call for power washers with higher pressure levels.

Another thing to consider is the mode of temperature operation. Relatively light cleaning jobs are usually accomplished using cold water pressure washing units. For harder deposits and stains, hot water pressure washers are ideal. However, when it comes to degreasing and the most demanding applications, steam pressure washing units are ideal. High pressure levels coupled with the power of steam can do wonders in softening and removing heavy grease.

Optimum water flow rates further ensure that the grease is washed away completely. If you do not have a steam pressure washer unit, green degreasers can help in removing grease, even with cold water pressure washing units.

The Green Chemical Connection

In the absence of commercial pressure washers with steam, green chemicals can be used to break down and remove grease deposits. These cleaning solutions work by penetrating grease molecules and emulsifying them from inside. These tiny particles are then made to repel each other and do not re-adhere to the cleaned surface. In this way, even tough grease deposits can be removed completely and with relative ease. As an added benefit, this combination of green chemicals and pressure washing machines is an environment friendly alternative to toxic cleaning methods. Even though green cleaning products are tough enough to remove grease, they do not harm or pollute the environment in any way.

Coupled with cold or hot water pressure washer units, these green degreasers can help in removing oil and grease stains by safely increasing the power of these machines. They can be very helpful in areas like gas stations, where oil from vehicles builds up, and even commercial kitchens that are forced to deal with light cooking grease stains. The cleaning power of steam pressure washing machines can also be accentuated with green degreasers. For industrial heavy degreasing jobs, these degreasers can go a long way in helping to soften heavy grease sedimentation.

Using hot or cold water pressure cleaner with green degreasers can be more economical as well. Although steam pressure washing units are powerful, lighter jobs can be fulfilled with hot or cold pressure washing units and green cleaners. A cold water pressure washing machine and a green degreaser can effectively remove large amounts of oil and grease stains and save you money, as well.

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