Fence Staining Jacksonville, FL

Fence staining in Jacksonville, FL for wooden fences is an often overlooked item when it comes to home maintenance.  Our fence staining services can make a huge difference in the over all appearance of your home.  Staining your fence will help you make your whole property look rich and elegant, and could save you big money compared to replacement in the long run. With your fence stained properly, your back yard can look and feel like a inviting outdoor living space, and a luxurious oasis.

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Unfortunately, many people will have a fence installed, and simply watch it gray with age and build up mold over time. Eventually the boards become warped, and panels start falling apart or falling over. Weathered wooden fences can be stained and sealed, just like a deck, to both beautify and  protect it from the elements. Our Jacksonville Florida fence staining services can completely restore your gray, moldy, or even green algae covered fence.  We change weathered fences from simple wooden barriers to elegant borders. See examples of our fence staining in our fence staining gallery.

fence staining Jacksonville, fl

Algae, mold, fungus, and weather all work together to break down wood over time, but we can easily save your weathered wood fence.

What Our Fence Staining & Restoration Process Means For You

  • No chipping, peeling, flaking coatings. We only use high quality oils that both nourish and protect your exterior wood.
  • Lower future maintenance costs after initial restoration.
  • Make your outdoor living space a place you can proudly enjoy with friends and family.
  • Our fence staining will prevent rot, warping, molding, and deterioration.
  • Save money on costly wood replacement.
  • Preserve and maintain your fence to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Learn about our fence staining and restoration processes.

Jacksonville, FL fence staining & restoration

After our fence cleaning and restoration process, your wood will look amazing, but left unprotected, your fence will simply turn gray and moldy again.

Wooden fences are subject to some extreme abuse, like all unprotected exterior wood. Often times on fences, we will see rust stains or heavy mold near the bottom from the water that comes from your sprinklers.  Water the lawn may help keep your lawn looking beautiful, but that water constantly spraying on your fence is severely shortening it’s life span, but we can help.  Not only can we often remove most water marks, mold, algae, grayed wood fibers, and other unsightly stains, but we can turn your fence into a real work of art so beautiful that your entire neighborhood will take notice!

Over time the individual boards, or even entire panels can come loose from wear. Not to mention the wood will rot and crumble away if left unprotected. With Weathered Wood Restoration, there are no worries. We will not only improve the appearance of your weathered wood fence, but help it stand the test of time. Rest assured, “we make wood look good”.

fence staining services Jacksonville, FL

Our fence staining services guarantee jaw dropping results, while protecting your fence and beautifying your property.

Unstained fences are just like a living tree. The boards continue to drink water from the bottom up, or sometimes even top down with a wicking effect that subjects all of it to mold and decay. UV exposure from the sun turns the fibers gray, which is just like you getting a sunburn, but those damaged decayed fibers must be removed to restore the integrity of the wood.

Our fence staining and restoration services will make your fence look fabulous, and save you money on repairs. We us high quality professional grade penetrating oil sealers like Ready Seal, to provide the best protection you can get. Not to mention a fabulous, rich, and natural appearance.

The best thing you can do for your weathered wooden fence is to stain it and maintain it, by calling Weathered Wood Restoration LLC today. Before you tear it down and replace it, let us turn your ugly fence into something beautiful that you can be proud of.

If you are looking for Jacksonville deck staining, fence staining, pressure washing, or exterior wood restoration CALL US NOW AT (904)304-0810 or fill out our online request form here. You can also see some fence staining pictures on our Facebook page.