Deck Staining, Deck Cleaning, Refinishing, and Deck Restoration for Jacksonville, FL

Weathered Wood Restoration can completely restore weathered wood decks with rich, luxurious penetrating stains that not only make your deck look fabulous, but are easy to maintain.  We can safely removed failed coatings and bring your weathered deck back to life. Our deck staining will create an inviting outdoor retreat, so give us a call now. Our deck staining, deck cleaning and deck refinishing services are second to none.

Weathered Jacksonville, FL pine deck before pressure washing and deck restoration.

Wooden decks and even composite decking require much more maintenance than other types of exterior wood. Being horizontal, these surfaces are subject to much heavier abuse from rain, dirt, mold, and foot traffic than even the posts and rails that surround your deck. Coatings will wear away sooner on decks than on the railings, on wood siding, or wooden fences, so their maintenance interval is shorter. Even if you just do annual deck cleaning, your wood will fare better than if left alone.

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What Our Deck Staining & Deck Restoration Process Means For You

  • No chipping, peeling, flaking coatings. We use high quality oils that both nourish and protect your wood.
  • Lower future maintenance costs after initial restoration.
  • Make your outdoor living space a place you can proudly enjoy with friends and family.
  • Turn your deck from an eyesore into a luxurious place to relax.
  • Save money on costly wood replacement.
  • Enjoy your deck rather than labor over it’s appearance.
  • Preserve and maintain your deck to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Learn about our deck staining and deck restoration processes.

Deck staining helps protect your Jacksonville, FL deck from the elements.  Over time, rain, UV rays from the sun, ground in dirt from foot traffic, and even mold or fungi will take their toll on your wood. Decks need cleaning, refinishing, and sealing from time to time to preserve their beauty and usefulness. Look at the results of our professional, low pressure deck cleaning below.

 Weathered pine deck cleaning and restored for staining.

In fact, Jacksonville decks experience heavy wear due to our high humidity, coupled with very extreme UV exposure. On a warm day, your Jacksonville deck can reach temperatures that make it too hot to touch with bare skin, and temperatures on stained or unstained wood decks can vary by as much as 40 degrees between the sun and shade.

All of these things combine to give your deck a serious work out under some very tough conditions. Left alone, your deck will eventually start to warp, check, peel, and crack. Repeated cycles of wet and dry, hot and cold cause the wood to swell and shrink over and over again. Jacksonville, Florida not only experiences extremely hot temperatures during the summer months. We frequently see temperatures well below the freezing mark during the winter months. Our deck staining services are guaranteed to help your deck weather these extremes, and improve it’s appearance at the same time.

 Weathered Jacksonville pine deck after cleaning and deck staining.

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC offers complete deck staining, deck cleaning, deck refinishing, and deck restoration services to make your Jacksonville deck to look like new again, and keep it that way. We can also help with deck maintenance as time goes by, to keep your deck looking it’s best, but also to ensure the longevity of your investment. The coatings we use help to preserve, enrich, and properly revitalize the wood to prevent it from drying, cracking, peeling, and checking. Contact Weathered Wood Restoration LLC today about your Jacksonville, FL deck staining project.

After our deck staining or deck restoration services, your maintenance costs will become lower with time, and save you the heavy expense of complete replacement. We do not use inferior low cost, DIY grade coatings for staining decks. We only use industrial grade penetrating oil finishes that are easy to maintain, and will not chip, flake, or peel. Film forming deck coatings can turn into a nightmare to maintain, and cost a fortune to remove, if they can actually be removed, so that proper penetrating deck stains can be used to prolong the life of your deck. These types of deck stains are not really stains, but films that cover the surface of the wood.

These film forming stains, like those found at home improvement stores, will fail like any coating put on wood exposed to weather, and that is when the problems start. Any coating put on exterior wood needs maintained over time.  However, with a peeling, flaking coating, anything put over top of it can only be a temporary band-aid, because both coatings will only continue to fail as time goes on. Before you decide to stain your Jacksonville, FL deck with an inferior product, talk to our deck staining experts, because our deck restoration process will help you completely avoid this problem and the expense that goes with it.

We only use low pressure deck cleaning and the best oil finishes for your deck staining or deck restoration project, to ensure great results and low cost maintenance. The deck stains we use help us to make wood look good, by not hiding the grain. Instead, they enhance the natural beauty of your wood. After our deck restoration makes your deck look amazing, call us for our low pressure deck cleaning services.

Some Areas we provide low pressure deck cleaning and deck restoration services:

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