Saving Your Wood From The Elements

Building a deck, wooden fence, or installing wood siding on your home can be a substantial investment, and all too often people allow these beautiful enhancements to deteriorate until there is nothing left of them, and no options left but to replace them.  Not only is constant replacement of weathered wood not sustainable for the environment, but it’s not sustainable for many people’s bank accounts either!

Our wood restoration services will clean the mold from your wood and beautify it’s appearance. We apply advanced wood preservatives that nourish your wood, and protect it from UV damage, mold, algae, and fungus. The products we use enhance the appearance of your wood, not cover it up. We will take your exterior wood from eye sore to eye candy, making your wood something you will enjoy looking at and showing off, that will last longer and look better at the same time.

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If left unprotected, your exterior wood is subject to mold, mildew, fungus, and algae.  These living organisms are how nature reclaims dead wood in forests, and they will do the same to your unprotected deck, fence, siding, etc.  Your deck must also contend with degradation from UV exposure, the pounding force of rain, and even insects that attack the wood, such as termites and carpenter bees. Contact us now to see how we can protect your wood and save you money in the long run.

Types Of Wood We Restore

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC can clean, stain, restore and protect all types of exterior wood. We offer deck staining, fence staining, wood siding staining, and pressure washing services to all of Jacksonville, FL. Before you go hiring any old painter or handy man to care for your exterior wood, you need to know there are certified exterior wood care specialists who know what it takes to properly protect exterior wood. 

Restoring, staining, cleaning and refinishing exterior wood is a specialized process that heavily differs from that of painting. Most painters are not certified in wood care, and don’t know the proper processes for staining and restoring decks, fences, and wood siding, but we do. Weathered Wood Restoration is one of the only specialized wood restoration and pressure washing companies in Jacksonville, FL. Click the button to the right and get a free consultation with our wood experts today.

Unprotected wood is subject to the devastating forces of nature’s weather. Rain, sun, morning dew, dirt, and mold all attack exterior wood over time. Exterior wood in Jacksonville, FL. can go from freezing temperatures overnight to extremely hot temperatures during the day. Cycles of wet and dry cause exterior wood to swell and shrink repeatedly. Morning dew may soak your wood, then the afternoon sun may subject it to extremely hot temperatures all in one day. The rapid changes in moisture and temperature cause wood to warp, split, check, or crack, which can lead to both premature failure and costly repairs, but with our “Weathered Wood Restoration” processes, there are no worries. We use low pressure cleaning methods that ensure no damage, and stains and sealers that cost less to maintain in the long run.

Certified Professional Wood Care Experts

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC is a Wolman Certified Contractor, as well as, a Penofin Certified Contractor, with services including deck staining, fence staining, wood siding staining, pressure washing

If you’re looking for fence staining experts, you’ve come to the right place. Want your wood siding to look like a million bucks, and last as long as possible? Then your wood siding needs stained and sealed properly.

cedar siding staining Jacksonville, FL

This cedar siding before staining was completely blackened by years of neglect, and our wood restoration gave it new life.

You can count on us to restore your wood to its natural look and protect it from the damage caused by exposure to the elements. If you want your exterior wood cared for properly, then hit the button to the right and request a FREE quote now.

The products we use will not only protect your wood from the wet and dry cycles, but also from UV damage caused by the sun.  All of the products we use have mold inhibitors, which will help prevent unsightly mold, and keep your exterior wood looking good much longer than if it were unprotected.

We have the ability to stain, seal, and help protect all of your exterior wood.  Whether your Jacksonville fence needs staining, your deck, a wooden arbor, a gazebo, or any other kind of exterior wood, we can help you protect your investment and prolong it’s life. Call us now for all your Jacksonville deck cleaning, deck refinishing, deck staining, or pressure washing needs.

Environmental Reasons to Restore

Another good reason to seal and protect your exterior wood is an environmental one.  Often times people will let their wood weather away over the years, until they end up replacing all of it with new stuff. This obviously means more trees have to be cut down to provide new wood, but it does not have to be that way.  Staining and sealing your exterior wood can keep it looking good, and keep it in a useful state, therefore helping to save trees.

Cedar Siding Restoration & Staining

This siding was totally neglected for 10 years before we restored it and stained it.

The more people who maintain their exterior wood, the less wood is wasted, and more trees are saved. When you think of the millions of homes with exterior wood that is being constantly replaced, you can see how quickly this adds up, not just in cost to you, but the cost to our planet and our children’s future. Our forest are disappearing at a rapid pace, and Weathered Wood Restoration LLC attempts to be part of the solution by slowing down the unneeded waste.

It’s nice to know that in today’s throw away society, you don’t have to just rip out the old wood and bring in something new.  Not only can we save you that expense, but by doing so, we are working together to make one less dent in our environment.

Certainly there may be some areas where wood needs replaced, but we can provide a number of options, that ensure replacement is a last resort. Your first step should be to call Weathered Wood Restoration LLC and consult with our wood experts. For all of your Jacksonville, FL deck staining, fence staining, wood siding staining, or pressure washing needs, we are here to help. Click the button to the right to get a quote now.

 Our Wood Restoration Process

  • We use an environmentally friendly, low pressure cleaning system to safely remove dirt, mildew, and dead wood fibers to restore your wood to its clean, natural, like-new appearance.


  • Old coatings are removed during the cleaning and restoration process. We can do a free demonstration, and/or test area so you know exactly what kind of results to expect.


  • We sand all handrails to ensure there are no splinters. We also use a process to remove any “furring” (fuzzing up of soft wood fibers) that may occur from stripping or cleaning old coatings or aged wood.


  • As needed, we set nail heads, and replace popped nails with screws to prevent boards from coming loose or twisting.


  • We allow your wood to dry properly and test your wood for moisture content before applying any stain.


  • We do a “splash test” to ensure there is no mill glaze, or leftover old coatings that will prevent proper absorption of our new coatings.


  • We apply a high performance water repellent, preservative coating to keep your wood looking its best.

To get your Jacksonville deck staining, fence staining, or pressure washing job handled promptly and properly, please CALL US NOW at (904)304-0810 or fill out our online request form here.