Dock Staining

Jacksonville, FL has more docks to stain than most cities around the country. Our dock staining experts can make your dock look beautiful and keep it properly protected. With many homes being backed up to the St. John’s river and all of it’s tributaries, where the water is often brackish or salt water, rather than just fresh water, your Jacksonville, FL dock is likely to take heavier abuse than most. The wood on a dock need stained and sealed for protection, just like a deck, fence, or any other exterior wood.

dock staining Jacksonville, FL

Benefits Of Our Dock Staining

  • No chipping, peeling, flaking coatings. We only use high quality oils that both nourish and protect your wood.
  • Lower future maintenance costs after initial restoration.
  • Your dock will look amazing, and be far more enjoyable.
  • Our dock staining will prevent rot, warping, molding, and deterioration.
  • Save money on costly wood replacement.
  • Preserve and maintain your dock to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Learn about our staining and restoration processes.

Without staining your Jacksonville dock, over time the boards will warp, cup, check, peel, split, and splinter.  All of these are not only unsightly, but can be a real hazard to your family and friends. Staining docks takes special care, because the ingredients in most stains are potentially dangerous to fish.

Jacksonville, FL dock staining services

The same thing goes for many of the chemicals used to clean and restore exterior wood.  Before you hire someone to stain your Jacksonville dock, ask them how they plan to clean the wood, apply the stain, and protect our waterways. Dock staining and cleaning should be done in an environmentally friendly manner, because letting any of the wrong stuff into our waterways can mean serious damage to natural habitat.

If you have a dock here in Jacksonville that needs stained, refinished, cleaned, or restored, give Weathered Wood Restoration LLC a call today, and we’ll give you a free consultation on the proper methods for preserving your investment.

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