Will my plants, lawn, or landscaping be harmed by your pressure cleaning or wood restoration processes?

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Our low pressure cleaning safely removes mold without harming your home or landscaping.

No way! One of the beauties of hiring Weathered Wood Restoration for your Jacksonville deck staining project, or pressure cleaning needs, is that absolutely no damage will come to your landscaping, lawn, plants, or other belongings.  We are experienced professionals, and we take all the proper steps to ensure there are no issues.

Some cleaners used in our industry can be harmful if not used properly, so be sure you can be confident in whoever you hire to power wash your home, clean your deck, restore your fence, etc. Our processes for pressure washing in Jacksonville are guaranteed not to cause any damage to landscaping, flowers, bushes, or your lawn.

We’ve seen what kind of damage inexperienced, so-called power washing contractors can do, and we’ve even been contracted frequently to clean up their mess, so you can count on Weathered Wood Restoration for your Jacksonville pressure washing or deck staining needs.

Isn’t pressure treated wood protected from the elements already?

Today, nearly 80% of all decks are built with pressure treated wood, a process pioneered by Wolman chemists. Weathered Wood Restoration LLC is a Wolman Certified Contractor and a Certified Penofin Pro, so we know how to take care of your wood, pressure treated or not.

Although pressure treated lumber, as well as some woods like cedar and redwood are resistant to decay from insect attack, no wood is immune to the damage that is caused by the absorption of water, or the effects of the sun’s UV rays.

It doesn’t matter what species of wood we’re talking about, ALL wood left exposed will deteriorate from water absorption and sun exposure. Even pressure treated lumber needs protected from these things. Pressure treating is not a guarantee of no maintenance and no decay.

Pressure treated wood is also pumped full of highly poisonous chemicals like arsenic, which are forced into every cell of the wood. Sealing pressure treated wood helps to lock in these contaminants, preventing them from leaching into the environment, or being a health hazard for you and your family. Contact us today to discuss how we use low pressure cleaning and proper deck staining techniques protect pressure treated wood.

I thought I had no maintenance composite or hard wood decking, what needs maintaining?

Composite decks are low maintenance deck materials, because nothing is ever completely maintenance free.  Mold, algae, fungus, mildew, rust stains, grease stains, and dirt will eventually make anything left outdoors look unsightly, and pressure cleaning away these things not only makes it look better, it also makes your deck a healthier place to hang out with friends and family.

Some composite products can be stained, and will require regular maintenance for this as well. It’s important that manufacturer’s recommendations for pressure cleaning composite decks be followed, because using the wrong cleaning products can actually void the warranty on composite deck material in some cases. Give us a call or send us a request for more information pertaining to pressure cleaning and staining composite decks.

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Will pressure washing damage my home or business?

Pressure cleaning, when done by the professionals at Weathered Wood Restoration LLC will never cause any damage at all. Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines, and in the hands of novices, they can cause a lot of damage. Pressure cleaning machines can rip holes in siding, cut swirls into concrete, destroy mortar between bricks, force water into places it shouldn’t go, and much more. Any competent power washing professional should have no problem refreshing and improving your Jacksonville home or business while avoiding these issues.

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC uses a mix of low pressure cleaning and gentle cleaners to do the job right without all of the pitfalls found when dealing with inexperienced power washers. See our Jacksonville pressure cleaning page for more information.

Pressure isn’t really the key to cleaning with a power washer. The machines are really used to jet water to places we can’t reach from the ground, and to rinse with a high flow. It’s this high flow capacity that does the work, not the pressure. Anyone who thinks a pressure washer is a blasting machine for removing mold, dirt, mildew, fungus, and grime is not the person you want to hire to pressure wash your Jacksonville home.

How often should my home be pressure washed?

It’s recommended that you at least pressure wash your home once a year to remove the build up of dirt, grime, mold, algae, and fungus. Your home is your biggest investment, and just like anything else you want to last for a significant amount of time, your home should be regularly maintained. Keeping the dirt and grime power washed from siding, sofits and gutters not only help keep them looking nice, but help the finish to hold up better over time.

Things like mold, fungus, and algae will eat into paint on gutters, soffits, and siding and prematurely wear away the luster and eventually the finish itself. Regular maintenance low pressure cleaning to remove mold, mildew, and fungus will help to inhibit it’s ability to get a foothold on your home. Give us a call or fill out our request form for your Jacksonville pressure washing project today, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Wood is relatively soft, how much pressure is too much for restoring wood?

pressure cleaning damage

Damage caused to cedar siding by high pressure cleaning, leaving unsightly permanent gouges.

Any contractor you hire better know the answer to this one.  Today’s pressure washing machines have pressures as high as 2,500 to 4,500 psi on average, and maximum pressure from these machines can drill holes in concrete when focused, and can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. With many machines, you can write your name in concrete with ease if you wanted to, but an experienced Jacksonville deck staining or wood restoration contractor should know what they are doing. If they don’t mention low pressure cleaning processes, do not hire them to refinish your deck, fence, or wood siding.

Unfortunately, in the hands of inexperienced people, pressure washers can cause damage to wood, by severely damaging the wood’s surface, marking the wood with wand marks, start/stop marks, and furring up the wood’s surface. Also, too much pressure forces water deep into the wood, which can accelerate the process of warping, splitting, cracking, and peeling.

The professionals at Weathered Wood Restoration LLC have seen the results of inexperienced “contractors”, and others who had good intentions to start with. We are experienced at low pressure cleaning for wood staining and restoration, and never use more than 800-1000 psi of pressure maximum for cleaning and restoring exterior wood, whether it’s a deck, fence, siding, or otherwise.

Anything more than this runs the risk of severely damaging the wood.  Make sure whoever you choose to hire to do your pressure cleaning or deck staining project understands the proper procedures and has the experience to ensure a good result.

I am getting a few bids before starting work on my home. Why is there so much variation in pricing?

As long as all of your estimates come from reputable, licensed, and insured contractors there are only a couple factors that could contribute to the difference in pricing. Attention to detail during preparation is one of them. Any of the steps from the prep process that are skipped when your Jacksonville deck, wood siding, or wood fence is stained, may not show up for a long period of time. This is where many people take shortcuts in order to complete the work in less time, charging a lower price.

The preparation absolutely makes or breaks the whole job. This is why it’s critical that your receive a well written, detailed explanation of what each contractor proposes to do. You need to be sure the proposed scope of work is the same from each contractor in order to compare apples to apples. Some contractors may also use less expensive, often inferior products to keep their prices below the competition. Make sure each contractor outlines exactly what products they are specifying to use on your property.

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC does not take any shortcuts on anything from preparation to the final coat. We have strict processes in place that are adhered to on absolutely every project, and outlined in each of our proposals. These processes are guaranteed to meet or exceed accepted industry standards in every case. By doing so, we able to ensure the most thorough job and reliable, repeatable consistency throughout all of our work.

The same thing goes for our pressure cleaning services. We use the latest low pressure cleaning processes to quickly and safely clean your home or business. We take care to make sure the job is done right, and ensure we don’t damage any landscaping, light fixtures, window screens, window seals, or anything else.  High pressure cleaning can blow the seals out of your dual pane windows, damage siding, force water under siding, and cause all sorts of trouble that won’t be evident for a long time to come. To completely avoid the pitfalls of pressure cleaning, call us today!

When it comes to stains and sealers most manufacturers make a great product in many different price ranges. However, we choose to only use only the top line products for our customers projects, because our name depends so heavily on the products we use. We will determine which products are best for your particular application, based on your specific needs, because we know from hands on, real world experience what will look the best, last the longest, and fulfill your desires.

Put simply, if you want the best you can get without compromise, you need to get in touch with us now. Whether it’s pressure cleaning or wood restoration and staining, we are picky perfectionists. Give us a call and find see.

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Can you repair rotten wood or termite damage?

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC can repair minor cosmetic damage to wood as needed for your Jacksonville deck staining or fence staining projects.  We are fully capable of replacing warped boards, spindles/balusters, and other minor items.  However, we are not carpenters, we are certified wood restoration experts. We prefer to leave any major carpentry work to licensed and competent professional carpenters.  If you suspect your exterior wood requires structural work that is beyond cosmetic, please consider hiring a quality carpenter to do such work.

If you are unsure what your exterior wood needs, give us a call, and we will give you a free on site assessment, and discuss all of your options with you. We will be glad to coordinate with other contractors on your behalf to help with the process, and as soon as they finish the major repairs, we will handle the rest of the finishing process. Leave the carpentry to the carpenters, and leave the care of the wood to us.

What do you do to remove mold?

We will pressure wash with solutions that will kill the mold, algae, and fungus that is present, and remove with scrubbing as necessary. We never attempt to blast mold to death with high pressure. Instead our process consists of killing the mold, then simply rinsing away any residue using safe low pressure cleaning methods. For Jacksonville deck staining and other exterior wood projects, we use wood stains that inhibit the growth of mold and fungus on wood, but mold is a living thing, and will eventually grow again on any surface if not maintained.

Our pressure cleaning processes are stringent to help slow down the return of mold, mildew, and fungus. After pressure cleaning, in some cases, we can apply liquid wax to your home’s siding that can also help inhibit the build up of dirt and mold, so please inquire about this when you contact us. Waxing your home helps protect it, just like waxing your car does.

What color is the right color for our exterior wood?

Choosing the right color for your exterior wood is an important decision, and a personal one, but we can help you choose something that fulfills your desires. We recommend and use high quality semi-transparent stains, and in some cases, solid stains where necessary. We will always recommend avoiding completely clear exterior wood stains, as these offer no UV protection for your exterior wood.

The pigments are what helps protect the wood from UV rays, so it’s best to always choose a stain with some color, but the final choice is up to you. We have the experience to know what colors look good on different species of wood, and we are more than happy to give our advice. However, color is a subjective thing, and you must ultimately decide what you like best.

What kind of insurance do you carry?

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC carries a $1 million general liability insurance policy, for your peace of mind. If you like, we can easily have our insurance company provide you with an insurance certificate with your name on it for the duration of your contract. We will gladly provide you all the information you need before starting your project.

Weathered Wood Restoration LLC is a family owned business, and since we both own and operate our business ourselves, we have the proper workman’s compensation exemptions as required by law. All insurance and licensing information is provided to every customer up front, so you can be assured that you are dealing with professionals.

What kind of licensing do you have?

This is an extremely important question. In Jacksonville, FL there are no licensing requirements for painting, deck staining, fence staining, wood staining, and pressure washing. The only licensing required is an occupational license, which is really just an operational tax. Anyone can acquire an occupational license from the county tax collector and start a business doing this type of work. For this reason, we highly recommend you carefully consider who you hire to work on your home.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and an insurance certificate.  Any competent contractor will be glad to provide references, and will have liability insurance to protect your assets. Also check to make sure their business is registered with the Secretary of State, and is not just a fly by night operation. Weathered Wood Restoration LLC provides all of this information up front to all of our clients, so you can rest at ease when hiring us.

To get your Jacksonville pressure washing, wood restoration, deck staining, fence staining job handled promptly and properly, please CALL US NOW at (904)304-0810 or fill out our online request form here.